Payment Collections & Refunds HELP!!

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Hello All, 

Before payment collections got turned on, my workflow for refunds and move payments, I had to create two fake Payment Types in ST. If we needed to move a payment, we called it Transfer Payment since the move button broke and never got fixed. With refunds, even if you refund a customer by using the refund button on the invoice, it still does not show that on the invoice, and we had to put in a fake payment we made called Refunds to capture the data and zero out the invoice and transfer correctly to our QB. 

Since ST went live with Payment Collections, my refund workflow no longer works. 

You would need to do an adjustment invoice to show the refund, and it would not print on one invoice. You would need to print or email two to the customer. In addition, if the customer is calling in asking the Call Center questions about it, they would need to understand this workflow to answer the questions since it does not show up any longer under the invoices on the location screen.   Even with the Auto Refund Toggle turned on, it would still create two invoices, and you would still be unable to see them on the invoices location screen.  

It's great that we can now post credits, but why would we mess up everything else that was working well?


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My refund pop up is the same as it was on the legacy system, (no options like it shows in the new system videos). Then the payment screen is the new screen (as it shows in the videos) therefore, I can't make a negative payment. So I'm stuck and so far no one has been able to resolve it. Did they have any finance people test this with the development team? Maybe something else is not turned on for us??? What a disappointment.