Discarding Job Generated $0 Invoices - AIA Used Instead

New Contributor

Hello ST Community,

We currently use AIA billing over invoices in projects 85% of the time. During the project, labor and material are being costed to the jobs within the project, resulting in invoices being generated. However, we never use those autogenerated invoices on the job because we use the AIA billing. We did not understand that those invoices for $0 would sit out on reports forever until they were marked "completed." Therefore, we have jobs from 2023, the year we went live on ST that are sitting out there as "In Progress" or "Scheduled" that we need to clear out. We did not know that the jobs within projects must be completed regardless of us using AIA, 

Are there any best practices to follow when closing these invoices within project jobs that we do not intend to use for billing purposes?