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How can I run a report to see all failed payments? 

Angelle17 by New Contributor II
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QuickBooks Desktop Classes

We have an issue where anytime hours are tied into customer jobs it does not classify in QuickBooks Desktop. All other hours for office employees, idle time auto classify. The only thing not classifying is tech hours on a job.Any help or insight is a...

Cost of Sales Mapping and Reconciliation Report

Hello,I am curious if there is a report within Service Titan that allows the users to Reconcile the Cost of Sales Accounts (i.e., Materials, Equipment, Labor) to QuickBooks that is similar to the Revenue by Account report that is used to reconcile th...

Marc2023 by New Contributor
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Spiff for who sold the job, not based on splits

We are currently having a dilemma with how we are paying out our spiffs. With our current setup, the spiff is applied to the job and it is split up between the technicians doing the work, based on their percentage. Is there a way to remove the spiff ...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Taxes on Purchases in Canada

Hi All,We are a heating and gas service company in British Columbia, Canada.We are about to move all our accounts payable over to ST and we will export to QB Desktop. Unfortunately, we are faced with a tax issue and I am hoping someone can push us in...

sharon_a by New Contributor
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1099 Eligible Box add into Vendor please

Hello - i noticed today that Service Titan did not have this 1099 Eligible Box in the Vendor template.Please have this 1099 box added into this template at before year end.Thank you, Nikki

nchan by New Contributor
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Creating Job costs for reporting

I am trying to create costs sheet for materials used on jobs. I am only seeing how to put cost to customer but not cost to company. Ultimately, I am wanting to get job cost for every individual job.

Scottg by New Contributor
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PO Returns

Since the update ST-63, is there a way to attach a file to returns on POs?

vdupont_ by New Contributor
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Inventory tracked items on a job PO

So, I finally think I have a handle on how Titan and Quickbooks handle the transaction when an inventory tracked item is added to a job PO. In Titan, the items are added to the equipment or materials section of the job at 0 cost, while the cost is ob...

michael21 by Contributor III
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Late Fees

we've been with ST for almost one year and we'd like to start charging late fees on our customers that have not been paying on time. We have the Payment Terms turned on, and would like to charge each customer that is outstanding for 30days a $3 charg...

mbordine by New Contributor II
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