Returned Checks

I had a customer write us a check that was ultimately returned. I created an adjustment invoice on the original invoice and added a negative payment with a payment type of "Returned Check". This shows that the customer now owes us the amount of the r...

kevinfow by New Contributor III
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Managing a Customer's Billing History

I'm struggling with situations where I need to research AR activity on a customer account. For example, I may have a job that involved multiple adjustment invoices in addition to the original invoice as well a multiple payments.How can I look at a jo...

Mr_Tim by New Contributor
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Old Invoice

Hello, I have a very old invoices from 2015,2016,2017 that I want to make an adjustment invoice for them to adjust the balance on qbs as well ( as it shows by - ) how can I get them to do that, I already did to the new ones ? thanks in advance

Salwa by New Contributor
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Resolved! Applying a Credit to Customer's Account

When we have to reschedule a customer we let them know that we are going to give them a $50 repair credit thanking them for being flexible and working with us. However at the moment we are just making a note and pining it to the customer's account. T...

Bobbi by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Invoice Adjustment and Commission

We had a $0 invoice at the time that a job was completed, and the invoice was exported. The customer called back later to pay for the services, so I created an adjustment invoice for this. This isn't a usual issue we have, but the customer was statin...

Cholloway by New Contributor
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Resolved! unselling estimate from exported invoice

Hello. I need to unsell an estimate but the invoice has already been exported. Am I correct in assuming I need to add an adjustment invoice? Do the qty and price need to both be negative?Our accountant is on maternity leave so I am trying to figure t...

rebecca_20 by New Contributor II
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Multiple Language in the Invoices

As many people know, in Quebec the official language is French and English. By government law all invoices must be in both languages. ServiceTitan only offers their default texts on invoices in English. I need to be able to configure my invoices so t...