Discarding Job Generated $0 Invoices - AIA Used Instead

Hello ST Community,We currently use AIA billing over invoices in projects 85% of the time. During the project, labor and material are being costed to the jobs within the project, resulting in invoices being generated. However, we never use those auto...

mambrosi by New Contributor
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Auto batching

Our accounting team is auto batching invoices which are locking completed and incomplete jobs. this does not allow us to fix invoices/estimates before batching. any recommendations?

Warranty Labor Payment

I am new to the ST platform and am hoping for a little assist.We had a warranty repair in 2023 that was completed. It was invoiced with a zero balance, which was batched and posted last year. (Not exported)We recently received a warranty payment for ...

Michele_F by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Exported Payment

If client is paid $1000 then cancel the work but just want to keep $1000 as a credit. This invoice has been exported already to Quick Book. What is the best practice on this case? Thanks

Mantaya by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Applying a credit/refund to an exported invoice.

I need to apply a credit to an invoice that has been exported, but no payment has been made as of yet. Can I just apply a refund through the payment screen or do I need to do an invoice adjustment?

gamorosano by New Contributor II
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Returned Checks

I had a customer write us a check that was ultimately returned. I created an adjustment invoice on the original invoice and added a negative payment with a payment type of "Returned Check". This shows that the customer now owes us the amount of the r...

kevinfow by New Contributor III
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Managing a Customer's Billing History

I'm struggling with situations where I need to research AR activity on a customer account. For example, I may have a job that involved multiple adjustment invoices in addition to the original invoice as well a multiple payments.How can I look at a jo...

Mr_Tim by New Contributor
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Old Invoice

Hello, I have a very old invoices from 2015,2016,2017 that I want to make an adjustment invoice for them to adjust the balance on qbs as well ( as it shows by - ) how can I get them to do that, I already did to the new ones ? thanks in advance

Salwa by New Contributor
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Resolved! Applying a Credit to Customer's Account

When we have to reschedule a customer we let them know that we are going to give them a $50 repair credit thanking them for being flexible and working with us. However at the moment we are just making a note and pining it to the customer's account. T...

Bobbi by New Contributor II
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