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The management needs a detailed invoice for each job in order for it to be approved. Right now they are printing them all out, letting management approve each invoice, and then printing again with changes. We were just trying to cut back on paper and to have a solution to see invoices remotely without needing physical copies. I am not sure if we are able to send in requests for your program as users, but this would be a huge request from us! My vision almost would be being able to have the copies that we would print in a PDF format so we are able to either get on Service Titan and see them in bulk or we are able to print them.


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Your post isn't clear as to whether the people you want to review invoices have access to ST to do the review, so 2 answers, both of which start with displaying the invoice.  If the reviewer can get into ST to do their review, select the printer icon in the upper right hand area of the invoice display.  This will show them what the invoice will look like.  If, however, the reviewer can't log into ST, the person displaying the invoice can select the envelop icon in the upper right hand of corner of the invoice display.  Enter the email address of the person who is to get the review, uncheck the customer's email addresses and send a review copy to the reviewer.  Hope this helps.

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There are a few things you can do, including setting up a completed job alert that alerts the manager when a job is completed.  You can go to settings, search alerts, and then click add an alert and then click on the Completed Job in the drop down menu.  A better thing would be to create a completed job report that automatically generates and is sent to them every morning from the previous day so that they can have a list while they actually are at their computer.  But, most importantly, I would ask if this is even necessary. We do some commercial work and we have to bill out through those but if its residential, I would highly suggest having the techs bill the customer on site and collect immediately and skip this whole step.  It saves overhead, removes accounts receivable, and tons of time.