Invoicing Screen UX for Time + Materials Company


Because we bill time and materials, we've found the invoicing screen to be much slower for data entry than our previous solution (just using Quickbooks Desktop invoices). I'd love to see some user experience updates that make the invoicing screen more usable when entering 10+ items on an invoice.

Specifically, the number of clicks/load time for adding an item is a lot: You have to click Add Material, type your item in the box, click the item, click Save, then wait for the screen to reload (which takes longer the more items on the invoice) and then start all over.

Another use case - I am currently creating an invoice for a new home construction project. I finished the invoice and then we decided to just charge this loyal customer our cost on materials. I am having to manually go through and click the pencil button to edit each material price. This is going to take me 1-2 hours. 

We really need a bulk item update screen for changing price & quantity on an invoice!



I added this as an Idea: COMMUNITY-I-1834

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This is painful for us as well with larger jobs (especially plumbing jobs).  The amount of screens you have to cycle through just to invoice, view pictures, change job notes, add a purchase order, create an estimate is so time consuming.  It would be nice to have the same functionality as mobile by being able to add multiple part numbers in one screen before saving to the invoice.  

The UI looks good but actually using it is super time consuming for no real reason. There's plenty of real estate on the job screen to add all the functionality of the invoice screen without having to constantly switch.  

Bulk editing materials, equipment, service would be a nice upgrade for our office team.

Agreed! Many companies using this software are T&M and it is not very accommodating.  I suggested a Save & Add New button so screen wouldn't save/exit to invoice screen/add item/return to same item screen.  Toggling from Job Screen to "recreate" on Invoice screen, information is easily missed.