Statement now jumbling up invoice numbers and prices

I just went to process monthly statements today and noticed a column has been added for "Project Invoice #," which has in turn caused invoice numbers and prices to become jumbled up on multiple lines. For example, a $1,658.95 invoice total now reads ...

cecilshv by New Contributor II
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Payment details on printed invoices

Hello, I think it would be really wonderful if we have the option for payment authorization codes to show up on printed invoices not just in the system. I believe most businesses would also love to have authorization codes of payments on the printed ...

Phone number appearing on estimate and invoice

Hello,It would be nice to have the customers phone number show on the estimate and on the invoice. It could be located under the job address or bill to address. If you print it, then you have to go back into the system to get the customers phone numb...

Melurban by New Contributor
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PCI Compliance

Our company failed a PCI compliance test and I am curious if anyone has recommendations of service providers to help with the PCI compliance process and questionnaires? I am a little overwhelmed by the 150 questions about our computer network and hav...

serickso by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice Email Confirmation

We have an unacceptable amount of email invoice recipients which say they never received there emailed invoice.It would be very desirable we could log if they have opened the invoice and the date/time (similar to the estimate program). Better yet... ...

NY Capital Improvement Process in ST - Advice

We operate solely in NYS, and to comply with NYS capital improvement laws, when a job meets the CI criteria, rather than collecting tax from the customer like on our regular service/maintenance jobs, it is our responsibility to sum the total of parts...

dollface by New Contributor III
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Tax Setup for Flat Rate Residential Service Work in CT

I'm wondering how other flat-rate HVAC / Plumbing companies in Connecticut set up their taxes in ServiceTitan. Should a flat rate service company setup a tax zone with a material tax rate or service tax rate of 6.35%? The problem is, with enhanced sa...

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Resolved! Printing Invoices

This is kind of an out there question, but for those of us who keep a hard copy of all the invoices as a backup for our business records, is there a way to set it up so that a completed invoice will print automatically either after payment is receive...

WRS by New Contributor II
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