Is Service Titan compatible with Quickbooks Online

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Is Service Titan compatible with Quickbooks Online?


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Thanks Diana, I appreciate these articles. We spent over an hour on the phone with ST Customer Support and they did not give us this information. They are the ones that told us that ST does not export Bills to ST. This is another example of us getting different information from different people within this company. We will work through these articles and see if we can get this working. It would be really helpful if this is the case. 

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Officially it is. But we have found some limitations. Such as exporting Bills. I wish we would have done more research on the integration before we made the decision to go with ST. What we were told it would do and what it does are not the same thing!

Unfortuntaely our integration with QBO is not as robust as with QBD; however, you CAN export Bills to QBO. There are things to keep in mind though. Please see these articles for more information on what you can do in regards to Bills.

Inventory is NOT turned on.

Inventory IS turned on.

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Yes, @zsooty1 it is compatible with QBO, however; there are more functionalities that are integrated with ST and QBD. You can find the comparison on that kb article shared by @baraica 

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Hi @zsooty1 yes we definitely integrate with QBO! You can check out our knowledge base for more information. 

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