Zero Out Refund Invoice

Since ST has been updated with the payments module, it does not allow you to add a negative payment. I am looking to find out the easiest way to zero out a credit balance invoice. In the past I would create the credit invoice in ST, export to QB, iss...

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Location AR on Call Screen Idea - COMMUNITY-I-755 would be helpful to be able to see the AR balance (credits/amt due) per service location instead of the customer on the call screen/location screen. It’s hard to deter...

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AR Management Sort By "Last Emailed"**Need Votes**

Please click the link to vote! COMMUNITY-I-2145 When I'm sending monthly statements, I email all that have an email address. After that process the only other option is to filter by "not sent" BUT if the customer got a statement last month (print and...

rthompso by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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More options on the AR Management Tool

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!!COMMUNITY-I-2121We do a lot of volume and it is very time consuming to go through each and every customer that has open AR. The ability to send statements to all ope...

Auto Apply Credits

It would be very helpful to have a pop up or something that asks the dispatcher (or CSR) if they want to apply credits on the account to any open balance when they book a job. We also need to prompt techs in the field there was a payment made against...

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Resolved! Past-Due Customers

Looking for ways that other users handle customers with past-due balances. There isn't a way to put customers or locations on "credit hold", which would prevent scheduling jobs until the "hold" was removed by an A/R collector. Is a "Credit Hold" tag ...

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Need to Create a Manual Credit Memo to be applied later

Has anyone figured out a good way to create an available credit on an account other than applying an overpayment? I have a customer who has no balance and i need to put a credit on her account to be applied to a later service. I have tried doing a ne...

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Resolved! Customer Payments

We've had a couple situations where we had a customer send in a singular check meant for two accounts, is there a way to apply that to the two separate accounts, or is that not doable?

Resolved! Unused Membership Funds

There should be a way to easily convert unused membership funds to a credit on a customers account.

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