Navigating to Invoice from batch/export results in Application Error

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When reviewing batched invoices in the Accounting page "Batch/Export Transactions" fails to navigate to the correct invoice and returns an application error. This error is because the URL for the invoice is being given the Invoice number rather than the "InvoiceID" that ServiceTitan uses to identify a given invoice. 

Something that worked for me to correct this error, for non adjustment invoices, add 3 to the end of the invoice number that is listed in the URL.
For example, if the URL after clicking on an invoice from the batch screen reads as:

Then the corrected URL would be:

This method does not work for adjustment invoices because the difference between Invoice number and invoice ID is different than the +3 method for normal invoices,

I've used the ServiceTitan internal reporting to bring attention to this but it's been a few months. If this helped you at all, drop a like so this issue can be corrected.