Project Invoicing vs Job Invoicing

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Good Afternoon! 

I am just getting introduced to the invoice process and I would like some clarity on a few items.

We are an HVAC Commercial business - we have a Service Department and a Construction Department. I am trying to determine the differences between projects and jobs and when it is best to use one vs the other. My current understanding is that it is best to use projects when you have a job that will last multiple days/weeks/months. A job would be appropriate for a 'day long' visit. 

An example - we currently have several day long installs planned. Would it be best to create a project for these or just a single job? If creating a project, there will be (hypothetically) multiple jobs within that project... at completion, should we invoice the job or the project? Our current process is the invoice the project and send that to the customer and then invoice the job (with timesheet, material, mileage info for reporting purposes) at $0. The main purpose for this is to only provide a 1-2 line invoice to the customer rather than a cost breakdown. I feel like this is a duplication of efforts and there should be a way to add applicable information to a project information without it showing to the customer. 


Finally - once you complete a job, it automatically creates an invoice. What should be done with those? 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We are HVAC and we do service and construction also. There are really 2 kinds of projects that fall under the one "project" word in Service Titan. For installs they do end up in a project because we have the original job (either sales call or the job where the tech quoted the work) the estimate and the install job all lumped under the project. For installs we really only look at the project to see costing across both jobs. We use one job with multiple appointments and a line item service for the contract price, we do inventory in ST so we also list all materials and equipment but the only thing visible to the customer is the services and equipment. For new construction we use the project for costing also but have multiple jobs for the different phases of like rough and final. The job invoices have the materials listed for inventory and the labor, we export them to QB but don't send them to the builder/GC we send progress billing through the project and send those invoices to the builder/GC, you can also do AFP billing through he project. 

This article in the knowledge base helps to spell it out  a little more and might help you out! 

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