The New Batching Process is HORRID!!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK to where the DROP DOWN LIST actually SHOWS the PENDING BATCHES!!! The fact that I have to open a completely different screen has made batching SO TIME CONSUMING, and SO CONFUSING!! I shouldn't have to open a comple...

I wish there was a feature that a PO could be tied to multiple jobs. For example, if a tech has 4 jobs on his schedule, he can go to the supply house and purchase all the parts he thinks he will need for those four jobs in one trip.

This happens frequently for us. If you enter the invoice from the supply house as a PO, you can only attached it to one job. There should be a way to allocate how much of the invoice pertains to each job.

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The "New" Batching process is NOT EASIER, it's HORRIBLE!!!! I move things in and out of batches many times a day and OMG, I can't do that any more without MANY MORE steps!! AGHHH!! CHANGE IT BACK to where at least all the PENDING batches are in the D...

Purchase orders

Since the last update I can't tab through the fields in a purchase order. I place so many orders each day and this is so inefficient.

tbregitz by New Contributor
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