Mass send invoices

Is there a way to mass send invoices? We have about 30 jobs per day and need to send out all invoices at once. This one at a time is not efficient for us.

RandiCline by New Contributor II
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Headers on Accounting tab to match other modules in ST

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!!COMMUNITY-I-2125We run a large number of transactions, and while I have seen the accounting reimagined webinar, it would still be nice to add the heads to the legacy...

Auto Apply Credits

It would be very helpful to have a pop up or something that asks the dispatcher (or CSR) if they want to apply credits on the account to any open balance when they book a job. We also need to prompt techs in the field there was a payment made against...

jhuck by New Contributor
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Automatically Apply Rate Sheet to Invoices

I used the new Client Specific Pricing Builder to create a rate sheet for our time & materials billing. It is applied to all customers & locations.However, when I am invoicing, I notice the invoices have No Rate Sheet applied. I have to choose to swi...

Resolved! Customer Payments

We've had a couple situations where we had a customer send in a singular check meant for two accounts, is there a way to apply that to the two separate accounts, or is that not doable?

Changing Bill To Customer After Exporting

Does any one else have issues with customers wanting bill to information changed after an invoice has already been exported. We run into this fairly often where the party that pays for the bill then forwards it to someone else and they want the bill ...

vtapiajp by New Contributor
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Tags on the invoice screen?

Does anyone know of a way for TAGS to show up on the invoice screen? We currently utilize tags to track jobs that need to be filed under extended warranty. These are jobs that we will not bill the customer for, since they have an extended warranty co...

ECSoffice1 by New Contributor II
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NY Capital Improvement Process in ST - Advice

We operate solely in NYS, and to comply with NYS capital improvement laws, when a job meets the CI criteria, rather than collecting tax from the customer like on our regular service/maintenance jobs, it is our responsibility to sum the total of parts...

dollface by New Contributor III
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Tax Setup for Flat Rate Residential Service Work in CT

I'm wondering how other flat-rate HVAC / Plumbing companies in Connecticut set up their taxes in ServiceTitan. Should a flat rate service company setup a tax zone with a material tax rate or service tax rate of 6.35%? The problem is, with enhanced sa...

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