QuickBooks GOGS Account is off

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I compared P&L reports between Jan 2023 and Jan 2024.  We got on Service Titan in May 2023.  The COGS account in each report looks drastically different.  In the 2023 report, i see all the costs of all the items sold on invoices in the Debit column.  In the 2024 report, the account shows a bunch of Bills in the Debit column, which we have never had before.  Also, there are some invoices in the credit column, but the numbers its using in here are the actual Sell price of the item. When a drill into a particular invoice, I do not see that all the materials costs transferred.


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We have had the same issue here, and ironically, we started ST in May of 2023 as well. I have spent the last 3 months reconciling our account, compared to the CSM we used previously and it is a mess. Showing over 500 customers with outstanding balances, where 3/4 of them are incorrect. Our quickbooks is just as bad. They double entered our customers, tax zones, and our QB still doesn't reflect accuracy. I still have no clue how to properly process a refund...