General Ledger Accounts

Hi, We are looking at potentially re-doing our general ledger accounts due to our company expansions into different lines of home services. However, we are hitting a wall for how to structure it. Does any one have any recommendations and samples of h...

natalie_ by New Contributor
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"Pull" invoices from Quick Books for editing after exporting

Is there a way to "pull" invoices back to ST for editing? We are having a time with NSF's for ACH's due to incorrect account numbers being entered in the field. This would make things much easier if this is possible as opposed to making an adjustment...

eladner by New Contributor
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QuickBooks GOGS Account is off

I compared P&L reports between Jan 2023 and Jan 2024. We got on Service Titan in May 2023. The COGS account in each report looks drastically different. In the 2023 report, i see all the costs of all the items sold on invoices in the Debit column. In ...

jarrettd by New Contributor III
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Cost of Sales Mapping and Reconciliation Report

Hello,I am curious if there is a report within Service Titan that allows the users to Reconcile the Cost of Sales Accounts (i.e., Materials, Equipment, Labor) to QuickBooks that is similar to the Revenue by Account report that is used to reconcile th...

Marc2023 by New Contributor
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Resolved! General Ledger accounts

Currently everything i export goes into one QBO Sales account but i would like to split this up and see where the income is coming from based on business unit. I was able to test it out with one Pricebook task and mapped it to a new QBO account label...

regraves by New Contributor II
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