Receive payments via ACH

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It would be great if a customer went to pay online, that they could pay via an ACH instead of having to pay with a credit card.  I pay $1.00 per transaction when I receive money through quickbooks this way.  Would be a lot better than paying the 3% credit card fee.


Jason Holthaus

A-1 Plumbing, Topeka, KS


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This is indeed an option if you are using ST Payments. As mentioned, you would need to contact your CSM to have the option turned on, then you will have the ability to add it as an available payment option displayed to the customer when they make a payment.

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Hi @jason_ho, if you are invoicing via st and using an online payment link you should be able to. If you go to settings > you should see a toggle for "Enable ACH Payments" if not, your CSM should be able to enable this for you. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It definitely isn't an option to do it on your own for everyone.  I found out at Pantheon that it existed.  I have been waiting for years for that to be available.