Purchase Order Limit

Is there a limit to the amount of items that can be put on one purchase order?

Gregf by New Contributor
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Editing a Tech's driving time

I need to edit a Tech's driving time, and so I was wondering if there was a way to do that without having to go into the mobile end? This is what I need to do: 9 miles for mileage reimbursement for pressure switch replacement. It's for a warranty cla...

Brittwyo by New Contributor
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Credit card processing

Hey everyone,Just a quick question, Is ST still requiring processing of credit card through only one company?Looking to reduce our fees.

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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Returned Checks

I had a customer write us a check that was ultimately returned. I created an adjustment invoice on the original invoice and added a negative payment with a payment type of "Returned Check". This shows that the customer now owes us the amount of the r...

kevinfow by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Arrival Windows

Hello,Does anyone know why our arrival window for our jobs is set for the right time on our computers and tablets and the dispatch notification chat that is sent to our customers is always an hour later. For instance, a job arrival window is set on o...

Managing a Customer's Billing History

I'm struggling with situations where I need to research AR activity on a customer account. For example, I may have a job that involved multiple adjustment invoices in addition to the original invoice as well a multiple payments.How can I look at a jo...

Mr_Tim by New Contributor
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Empty Invoices

Not sure if this is where this question should be...So sorry in advance if this is the wrong place. I have technicians who aren't putting tasks in their invoices. What will this do in the long run? So, I have invoices that are for warranty calls whic...

Natalie07 by New Contributor
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Customer Credit Balance

My CSR took a check/ACH payment on an invoice that had already been paid. Now my customer is showing a credit that does not really exist. It was batched over to QuickBooks before I caught it and now I can't get rid of the credit in Service Titan. Any...

hwilson_ by New Contributor II
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Evalon Payment Processing in Canada (British Columbia).

Hi all,Is there anyone else using the Evalon payment processing option (and billing all jobs through Evalon)? Switching merchant services can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Prior to switching from Global Payments so we can use onsite payments...

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