Credit card processing

Hey everyone,Just a quick question, Is ST still requiring processing of credit card through only one company?Looking to reduce our fees.

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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Paid Invoices vs Credited Invoices

On the customer account page, whenever an invoice is credited in full, it shows as "Paid" rather than "Credited". When we write off an account and send it to collections, it does not show that we "Credited" that invoice, it shows it as "Paid". It mak...

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dwhite45 by Contributor III
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Make Visa Debit a payment option

Hello! Here in Canada, we have so many customers who wish to pay with a Visa/Debit card however, these payments are not accepted through ST so they cannot pay their bill online or by phone with this type of card. Please consider adding Visa Debit car...

Charge Same-Day Cancellation Fee

Hi, Service Titan community! I searched this topic and found nothing in the advisor or discussions. We charge our customers a same-day cancellation fee, and I do not see a workflow for this process. I cannot add a fee to the invoice because any items...

ShannonUST by New Contributor II
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Remove signature lines from paid invoices

Remove signature lines from paid invoices. At this time it does not appear to be optional to remove this feature. If a customer wants a receipt and I enter the payment and print the invoice to show the payment has been applied and a $0 balance, it as...

Date on Credit Balance - used on future invoices

we have customers who occasionally overpay and are repeat customers so the payment is applied as an overpayment and then Service Titan creates a credit on the account. The problem I have is that when I try to use those overpayments, the "date" of the...

rosterfe by New Contributor
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The "Save & Batch" button!!!

Is anyone else super excited that the "Save & Batch" button is back on the 'Edit Payment' page??!!I'm so Happy! Finally, Thank you!!

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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A way to apply payment to invoice before it is posted/exported?

Applying a payment to an invoice before its posted or exported is honestly a need! I hate having to create the payment, add it to a customer profile, then later adding that payment to the invoice before i print it. If i print the invoice for my guys ...

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Invoice numbers on the Payment selection Do Not Match

Has anyone noticed that their Invoice #s and the Invoices #s listed on the Payment selection on the Customer page don't match anymore???!!!I noticed it yesterday late afternoon, it wasn't like that in the morning!!!I took a screenshot of the 2 select...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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