Deposits on upcoming jobs

I need to understand what other ST's users are doing with Deposits on upcoming jobs. Having deposits sit on the receivable report causes the totals to be skewed. So no quick reference. How are other companies handling deposits?

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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Do Not Service feature

We had created a tag for "Do Not Service" prior to the button the customer account being available. I have gone through and verified all accounts that had the tag now have the button clicked. While I was doing that, I found a number of accounts still...

seemore by New Contributor III
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Other Options for Credit Card Processing

My account is asking if there is another option for processing credit cards because since we are processing thru ST our fees have gone up, a lot! Is anyone using anything else and how do you like it? I was told to look at suggestion...

LindaSV by New Contributor
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I have a customer that paid with a check she has decided not to move forward with the work and we already deposited the check we did zelle her back how do I refund it thru Service titan it does not give me the options on paying cash or sending thru z...

Tiffy76 by New Contributor III
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Warranty Labor Payment

I am new to the ST platform and am hoping for a little assist.We had a warranty repair in 2023 that was completed. It was invoiced with a zero balance, which was batched and posted last year. (Not exported)We recently received a warranty payment for ...

Michele_F by New Contributor II
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Process in Collection

Hello Guys! Just like to ask and know another process. What do you do for collecting? What is your process for that? Do you use something outside of Service Titan or just Service Titan?Appreciate you all

Customer Collections

Does anyone have a good process for following up on invoices at regular intervals for collections? I need my collections department to have a process for this that works with ST and so far I am unable to build a report to accomplish this - it would b...

jnoone by New Contributor
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Collecting Customer Deposits and Managing Sold Estimates

Hello ServiceTitan Community!New to ServiceTitan here, in the Garage Door industry! We're in need of some extensive help and recommendations on how you all record taking a customer deposit. Putting the Pricebook aside, we all understand how customiza...

ZachHawk by New Contributor II
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I am unable to check Payment History

I have all the permissions - i have double checked. And when I go to open payment history - I get "Permission Denied - contact administrator". Any ideas? Thanks,Marilyn

Marilyn by New Contributor II
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