Adding in New Customers on Call Booking pop-out doesn't save changes

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The issue being experienced is in regards to filling out information to add a new customer in to the system during call booking.

If I add a customer's name, address, and phone number (usually the one the call came in on) to the initial appropriate fields before clicking the add new customer button, that information becomes unchangeable until you leave the page to go edit (usually after the call has ended). 

Sometimes halfway through a call a customer will decide to give me their significant other's name, or decide to change the phone number they're providing, or due to a thick accent the name was misspelled but then corrected. When this happens and the new information is added on the slide out screen, the informational changes are not saved, after clicking save. The information on the call booking screen is. 

i.e John Smith cannot become John & Jane Smith if I've already clicked the button


A personal cell phone number gets stuck as the call number, when the customer decided they only want the business phone number on the account or want to give us their significant other's number instead.

This is leading me to have to go back in to the account afterwards and edit things (on both the customer and location pages) which is time consuming, and hoping that I was smart enough to write down the information somewhere else knowing the system isn't going to save it for me.

But it's also causing issues on sending out notifications:

- If you don't catch that the edited information isn't corrected, then a notification will get sent out to the wrong number or email. (I could click to turn notifications off for the call booking before fixing, fix the issues, and then go back into the job page and re-send booking notifications.)

Additionally: The phone number is defaulted to a mobile option, and cannot be changed to a landline option unless leaving the call booking screen and going in to edit the number in the customer/location page (which means creating a new number and deleting the old number).

There are far too many additional steps being introduced in order to assure accurate contact information for customers. Most of which could be eliminated by making sure that the new slide out screen saves changes during a call. 


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Hi @F_Altares - I apologize that you're experiencing so many issues with trying to save customer details, which is then causing issues when you're attempting to send out notifications.

I've connected with the team and asked them to reach out to you to better understand what you are seeing, attempt to resolve these issues, and provide your valuable feedback to our Product team. You should be hearing from someone soon. If not, please let me know.

Thank you!