Transferring equipment

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Has anyone dealt with this. When we have a existing home we worked in, then it is purchased by a new owner, how can we move the existing equipment from the old owners to the new owner so as to protect the privacy of the old owner but get at least what we have in there for equipment? If this doesn't make sense ask me for more details pertaining to this i will do my best to explain it better. Regards and thanks.


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As far as equipment. Entering the equipment on the new customer account and then adding under the "Memo" section on the add equipment page the job#'s from the old homeowners account is a nice way to keep track. However the new homeowner is not entitled to the info on the old homeowners account. If the old homeowner gives permission to transfer the account to the new home owner. Then that is in my opinion the best way. Most old home owners dont care. 

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We have been editing the location to the new customer. This will bring all the equipment to the new customer.


We do this as well to an extent. We create a location on the new customer titled "location history" and then change the location on the pertinent invoices from the old customer location to the new customer location. This helps us keep the old owners history separate from the new owner, but ensures the technicians have access to the history.