Assign new phone number to customer at call booking

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When an existing customer calls in from a new phone number, there should be a way to assign that new number to the existing customer once I select them from our customer list. Currently I have to do this after the call is booked by going into the customer/location page and editing the details and copy/pasting the number from the recent calls screen. It's very clunky and time-consuming. A simple button/check box on the call booking screen to add the new number to the selected customer/location record, with a memo field once selected, would be extremely useful.


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You could ask customer if they have used " us " Before and you can type in the address or phone number and if it comes up then you can update and verify all information?  

Tiffany Mendez
Office Manager / Genzel Plumbing

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We ask our CSR/Dispatcher's to verify all of the customer's contact information on both the Customer Record and Customer Location screens at the time of the call. If there are any changes or updates, this can be done before the call is booked and would eliminate having to go back through the call log to obtain the new information. This also attaches the call from the new phone number to the job that is booked. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I agree, this would be great, CSRs/Dispatcher tend to forget to add the number to the location after they have booked the job and then we are having to look into the calls and add it, when the technician is trying to figure out who to call.