Attaching Notes to Reoccurring Service Events

New Contributor

It would be very helpful if there was an option to attach note to reoccurring service event when notating the location page.  We have reps that outbound for maintenance appointments ( reoccurring service events) and by notating the location page vs going into the club and pulling the data we would save so much time! 


New Contributor

Yes! Also being able to attach photos as well. We utilize a custom job form that is attached to the event using a specific timesheet code, but going and retrieving that form is incredibly tedious and clunky. I would love to see both techs and office staff able to post notes directly into the event, second best thing would be being able to view the form directly in the event when you open it rather than having to go search for it.

New Contributor

I agree that this would be a very efficient addition to Service Titan!  Anything that we can do to improve service to our customers and keep our records and reports up to date and accurate would be a very welcome addition!  Bring it on!!