CSR's are confirming jobs verbally, but I don't see it booked on the schedule?

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To be clear - I only classify the calls, so I do not know the proper workflow beyond a few videos I watched. But I'm finding that our CSR'S will add a new customer to the system, then they will confirm a date & time with a person, yet I cannot find an appointment.


I'm trying to build some reporting around this issue for the manager, so can anyone explain how this could happen during the booking workflow? I'm also finding that they are not assigning technicians to jobs which leads to overbooking - is there a way to make that field mandatory?


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @lbaigl and thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!

To get an answer to your question, I would recommend you check out our CSR/Dispatcher group in Community where @AngieSnow posts video trainings, scripts, other helpful tips, and best practices for CSR workflows.