Conditional Logic for Custom Fields

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I know that conditional logic is available in forms.  I'm wondering if anyone else would find it helpful to have conditional logic applied to custom fields for dispatchers.  This way you can have a scripted questionnaire for your CSRs to follow that doesn't request a bunch of unnecessary questions.  

Example:  Is your water heater in a closet.  No - no other information needed.  Yes - is it under an air handler?

There is an open idea that you can vote on here:

How else are you doing your scripts for your CSRs during call booking?


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I think this is a great idea.  Less questions to go thru when they are not all necessary.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

That's an awesome idea! I will definitely vote! There was a CSR playbook released at Pantheon so be on the lookout for that if you were not able to attend! 

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC