Resolved! Offering to put credit card on file

Does anyone have a set spiel that they have their dispatchers use to offer to put a customers credit card on file? Also to ask how the customer will be paying before the tech goes to site?thanks!

No arrival windows?

Hey everyone!We're exploring the option of removing arrival windows and just booking clients for a specific day. Our current arrival windows are 8-10 and 1-5. Does anyone currently not use set arrival windows? If so, what are the pros and the cons? I...

TamCSR by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Texting a customer

Hello,When we provide services to a customer sometimes we have to contact them via text. I feel as if there should be a, update that allows you to enter and have spaces in between. This would make it look much more professional and not jumbled all in...

Seeking Best Practices for Scheduling Service Calls

Hope y'all are doing great! So, here’s the deal. We're trying to up our game with how we handle our HVAC/plumbing service calls, and we could use some pointers from you wise folks.Here’s How We Roll Now:The superstars at the front desk (our CSRs) slo...

AlexPhylactou by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Conditional Logic for Custom Fields

I know that conditional logic is available in forms. I'm wondering if anyone else would find it helpful to have conditional logic applied to custom fields for dispatchers. This way you can have a scripted questionnaire for your CSRs to follow that do...

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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calling customers

Please make it possible for technicians to call the customer whose jobs they are no longer on

hwoodard by New Contributor
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Resolved! Customer's thinking we are a scam

Good morning everyone!As the main CSR in our HVAC company, I make a lot of outgoing calls. When I call customers to remind them to book in their maintenance or to book them in for a recall the trouble I have been finding is many people are super hesi...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Live Webinar: Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

On this webinar, join Principal Industry Advisor Angie Snow and learn how you can empower your CSRs to increase their booking rates and dispatchers to maximize revenue by turning them into sales pros. CSRs are the voice of the company and need to mak...

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Ountbounders and thoughts

Just curious who here has CSR's that are strictly outbound callers? Right now, our CSRs are handling both and I feel like the out bounding is getting a bit neglected. If you do have out bounders, what does that role look like? What expectations do yo...

amandaz88 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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