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Memberships are not my strong point, but I know enough to get done what needs done...usually. I have a client that for some reason has a membership with a 2 year duration, but it should only be 1 year. I tried to edit the "From" and "To" date and eve...
Hey Fellow Titans!I am working on editing a vehicle inspection form with conditional logic. Every time I try to preview the form, my screen freezes and I can't try it out. Anyone else ever had this happen?
Is anyone else experiencing issues calling out? Whenever I click the customer's phone number, it says it is calling my phone, but it never does and hangs up. Just trying to figure out if it is a phone issue or Service Titan.
I have noticed today that any new address I enter is not found and I have to end up entering it manually. Anyone else noticed this?
During yesterday's meeting there was some talk about a Color Test. Does anyone know of any that you don't have to pay for? Some of them are advertised as free and then you get to the end and it makes you pay to get your results.