Is there a way to add an end time field when booking a call?

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Currently to put in an end time we have to schedule the appointment, open the job, turn off booking notifications, reschedule the appointment for the correct end time, turn on booking notifications and then send a booking confirmation.


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On the call booking screen you cannot, but it is fairly simple once you hit book job, just go down to the appointment and edit it there.  I know it is an extra step but once they are used to it, it only takes a few seconds.  Otherwise, what is said above with setting up the job times in your options is the best route to run with.

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Not 100% sure if this will help. In the job type settings you can adjust how long the job will last. An example would be maintenances, we usually allow 2 hours so the start would be time we book the job and end time when it is scheduled to be complete. We removed those items from our customer notifications. We just tell them the day they are expected to have service and our team contacts the customers and keeps them updated throughout the day. Hope this helps, if not, I'd check with your CSM and see if they have a magic button for that feature.