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So on weekends I don’t have anyone in the office. The weekend technician has a cellphone that rings and he books his own calls, however we do get web requests over the weekend from customers requesting an appointment for Monday, usually I’ll open the job booking screen on my phone and book those jobs throughout the weekend so that customers get that text notification and know we’ll be there Monday morning. However since the update it seems that servicetitan wants to refresh/open a new tab when I click the customers location to book it within the web scheduler. This refreshes all the info and doesn’t allow my to choose the customers location, so I can’t book it. Only option I have is to open my computer at home and book the jobs, I’d like to avoid that computer on my days “off”! Haha

Any input on this? How do the people with smaller companies do things on the go without having to carry around a laptop or iPad? I really wish ST had a mobile app for office staff with job booking (at least from the web scheduler). I know there’s a beta but it won’t have this feature for a while I’m sure..

Yes, this is a small issue but many other softwares offer mobile options for managers like myself. Thanks for any input, tips, or advice!


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The only thing I can think of would be to change your preferences on your job booking screen.  Turn off the first option and then it won’t open a new page.


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This half helps, thanks! I'm now able to click the location, but as soon as I hit the job type button to book it, it decides to refresh the page. So odd. I know I'm not using it the way it's designed to be used, but it's still frustrating.