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The ServiceTitan Certified Administrator program gives you the opportunity to earn a professional, industry-recognized certification that validates your knowledge and expertise using ServiceTitan. Participating in the program will help you understand the tools ServiceTitan can bring to your company while allowing you to serve as an in-house specialist leading the adoption and helping to deliver an even higher return on its investment.

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Gain the knowledge

You’ll get started by going through the learning materials in the self-paced certification curriculum in ServiceTitan Academy. To help you prepare, an Exam Guide with links to Knowledge Base and Academy content covering topics in the Certification Exams, is included. You can also take Practice Tests to judge your understanding of the information. The curriculum includes seven sections and 18 total exams.

The time to complete each section is between 3-5 hours depending on the number of topics and your existing experience. The total time to complete all sections and their associated exams will be about 25-30 hours.

Earn your certification

To earn your Certified Administrator credential, you'll need to pass the 18 topic-specific exams included in the curriculum. Each exam contains 30 randomly delivered questions on each topic. If you take an exam and fail to achieve the required passing score, you will need to wait 24 hours to retake the exam.


  • An industry-recognized, verifiable credential you can share on LinkedIn or other professional/social networks and showcase on your resume.
  • A badge that identifies you in Community as a Certified Administrator.
  • A special area in Community where you can interact with other certified users.
  • Opportunities to contribute content to Community and provide mentoring to other companies using ServiceTitan.

Program requirements

  • Receive authorization from your company to participate in the program.
  • Agree to participate as a resource in Community to help engage and raise the level of product knowledge of your peers by sharing your experience and expertise.
  • Serve as your company’s internal “go-to” resource for questions related to ServiceTitan and when the need does arise, be your company’s dedicated support outreach person.

Retain your certification

Your certification will be valid until December 31st of the year after your certification was earned. To maintain your active certification status, you'll need to successfully pass exams verifying your understanding of recent updates to the ServiceTitan platform.

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Before expressing interest, please review the program's terms and conditions.

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