The learning never stops! Explore many of the programs ServiceTitan offers to support our customers.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The ServiceTitan Certified Administrator is a certification program for the end - users of our software. The certification program will both identify and help to create in - shop experts who can implement, monitor, maintain and maximize the use of the ServiceTitan platform as well as be a resource in our Community to foster growth in others.


ServiceTitan Certified Provider

The ServiceTitan Certified Provider network is a group of organizations that have demonstrated commitment to the trades and to helping ServiceTitan customers be as successful as possible. They offer a variety of services complementary to those offered by ServiceTitan.



SparkSessions are small groups of non competitor ServiceTitan customers who have a good understanding of the software. This free program meets once per month for just an hour. Each group comes together with an expert ServiceTitan facilitator for a focused, user driven conversation on a specific topic on ServiceTitan and industry practices. Come join SparkSessions to contribute and learn new tips and tricks to help your business!



EmberSessions are small groups of non competitor ServiceTitan customers who meet over 6 sessions to better understand and implement the features in the Launch stage of TitanAdvisor. These free, one - hour sessions are run by an expert ServiceTitan facilitator. Check out how the rocket ship in the top - right of your ServiceTitan account can help boost your TitanScore and help you use more of ServiceTitan!


Torch Network

ServiceTitan's power user community is dedicated to showcasing your success, forging deeper bonds with your peers, and influencing the direction of the platform.


Lady Titans

Lady Titans is an international community of women in the trades partnering with ServiceTitan, to create a force of collaboration that empowers women in the trades and tech to rise and lift others.


Product Advisory Group ( PAGs )

PAGs provide ServiceTitan with direct and continuous feedback from select groups of end users on various aspects of the product. Additionally, PAGs provide participants with repeat opportunities to provide feedback on the product in a small and focused setting.