Dynamic Pricing Changes Mid Call

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I was wondering if any one has had this happen to them. Our tech presented a price $164 static, but the price updated during the signing process to $191 dynamic price. However when he charged the client it reverted back to the static price and made an adjustment for the difference in the cost. It also shows in the audit that make tech made the changes, but we know for a fact he didn't. If you've experienced this what work around or preventative method have you found that prevents this from happening. It has only happened like this twice for us. Our techs have caught the price change prior to the customer signing, and they contact the office to help fix it. 


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Yes, typically if there is a change in the price, let say you add a capacitor and your dynamic rule is $300 but tech manually overwrites the price to $250, the system will throw a warning to the tech that the price has changed and if they wish to update. The tech is probably clicking yes, "calculate prices?"  and that's why the price changed during the estimate authorization process. I removed the permission to calculate prices so they don't hit it by mistake and they can adjust the price as needed or remove the permission to edit prices and the office will have to do it.