Can we get the ability to track emails through service titan the same way we track phone calls? It would be nice if when I clicked a customers email through ServiceTitan that it add that action and a copy of my email to the customers job page.

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I have asked for this since 2019.  The only way to track is a campaign through marketing pro, which we don't use.  Please find a way for us to be able to see emails sent from the customer file

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It would be wonderful if we could blind copy all emails to our customers so we have the audit trail. Several other programs already have this functionality. 

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Yes. I know this is difficult from a programming standpoint because emails are sent via a third party email (in our case, gmail). But it would be very helpful if I could track communications with my costumers, as well as interdepartmental emails, and external emails with suppliers, HOA's, building departments and other 3rd parties in the audit trail. That way any employee can go to that job, and quickly find out exactly what is going on with a project by reading one convenient and comprehensive audit trail. I'm guessing for this to work, ServiceTitan will have to make their own email client. But this would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful.

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yes that would be very helpful

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Hi! When you say you want the ability to track the emails through ServiceTitan, are you referring to want to see the exact email content in the job's audit trail?

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