Out of town owner authorization to work on their private property

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We are trying to create a simple form that an out of town property owner can E Sign, giving authorization to work on their property. We want it to link to the service location. And we want it to be initiated by the office.

The forms in ST don't work for this function as they are to be filled out in Mobile and then sent.




ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

One possible solution in the meantime is to create an Authorization Form in Google Forms (or another preferred form creator) and put a link in the description portion of a form field in a ST form.Creates a clickable linkCreates a clickable link

The customer will receive something something like this. (I included a signature field in the ST form but don't really like the extra clicks it creates for the customer.)

This was just a quick idea I had that may lead you to something that works for you.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I think this is hugely needed- there are a lot of forms that it would be great to send from the office and have filled out/signed prior to a tech going out. I would vote for this idea. Share this idea with ServiceTitan's Product team via the Ideas board and then come back here and share the Idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxx) so we can upvote your idea!

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Hi Shawns, 

Though this serves as a great idea, I do recommend you to submit one for future consideration.

Have you thought about including the out of town authorization in the acknowledgement section of the business unit? 

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That is an idea I haven't thought of , thank you, however I want to have a form sent to the owner before we book the job. We will add some similar verbiage into that Acknowledgement Paragraph to cover ourselves a layer further. Thank you.