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Before I dive down a rabbit hole of videos and knowledge base resources... can anyone tell me quickly? Can you filter a configurable payroll item by job tag- like if I only want to commission job type X if it has tag Y, is that a thing? I played with...
Go vote for COMMUNITY-I-1817!Right now I use Zapier to take an email alert from ST and create a task. It's cumbersome. It would be great if ST could automatically generate a task based on a certain set of parameters.Examples:I have a task created eve...
I need jobs to be tagged based on answers to questions on forms. I found two separate ideas for this- please go vote for these!!COMMUNITY-I-1050COMMUNITY-I-1681
Get your swag at is high quality, really great stuff- I would know, I bought at least one of everything!!! If you have questions about any of the items, just ask!!
Hey LadyTitans! The shopping link for our swag store is coming soon, but I got a sneak peek at the cool stuff we'll have available! If you didn't see it on Facebook, check out my unboxing video here!
For 15 years I worked at my family HVAC business, starting from the bottom and eventually becoming the administrative/financial/customer service manager. In March 2021, my dad sold the business to a large company on the east coast and I became the Manager of Program Implementation for the entire organization, spanning brands from Massachusetts to Florida. In May 2022, I joined a company in California called AirWorks Solutions to help them dig in and develop stellar SOPs and best practices to take the company to the moon! Separate from my worklife, I co-founded LadyTitans in Fall 2020 with Lauren Vahey and Stacy Fore, because we recognized the need for a space for women and people who empower women to meet, chat, and help each other.