Clients Confirming Appointments

Hello,I am new to service titan and this community discussion board, so forgive me if this is an old topic. I did search and didn't find anything yet, so here is my issue/question or suggestion for future improvement...I would like it if the emailed ...

KCerra by New Contributor
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Fit in list

I am looking for a way to have our fit in/emergency call ins work to a bit better for this system. Currently when we have people who call in and need to be seen same day we book them like a usual job and leave it unassigned. When a technician is avai...

Resolved! Customer Notifications

I know we can turn off customer notifications for certain job types or business units, but is there a way to have different customized notifications based on job type or business unit? We want our service and sales notifications to be slightly differ...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Signatures Should Have Editable Requirements

When a tech arrives onsite, Service Titan requires a signature upon arrival AND when the technician leaves, a signature is required. Currently this requirement is not able to be edited to be one or the other which I hope ST will change in the future....

RPMH by New Contributor
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NEED Votes- Make Arrival times and/or start times optional

The Arrival Window and start time is confusing for the customer. If we set an arrival window of 12-2 but a start time of 1 the customer is very confused on which one we will be there. Would really like to have the “start time” as an optional feature ...

Technician View

Is there any way for the technicians to view a Google Maps location photo? In a previous service we used the technicians would be able to see a photo of the property and general info (that is linked to google). Is there any way to add that feature?

Partner Portal users cannot cancel jobs

As of this morning none of our partner portal users can cancel any jobs. We own 5 markets so all of my office is on partner portal users. Admin have direct market log ins, we can cancel jobs. Ive reached out to support for help via email since my onl...

Owena by New Contributor
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Customer Communication and Customizing messages/ Dispatch

Regarding the notifications that are sent to the customer at appt booking or for reminders. We charge customers in different areas different amounts. We would like to be able to remind the customers that are in those areas of the special charge and n...

info_nor by New Contributor II
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