Question regarding "adding" Professional to already created Appt

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Hi All!

Newer here to Service Titan, and the platform.  This question MAY have already been asked and answered.  However, I am unable to find the answer I need.

Scenario-I have booked a call/appt. for 8AM.  We have 1 Service Professional dispatched, arrived, and working.  I need to add another professional to the same job at 10AM.  I am aware of how to add the 2nd Professional. However, I am encountering a problem that when I add the 2nd Professional, ST will automatically "assign" the 2nd Professional at the same start time as the 1st on the dispatch board.  

My question.  Is there a way to add the 2nd Professional and have the dispatch board reflect the 10AM time, and NOT the 8AM.  As I said, I have looked and searched and am unable to find an answer.  Any advice would be SUPER HELPFUL!

I also have added a screenshot for clarity.  Where the arrow is on the screenshot is where the 2nd's time should "start"  is there a way to change (the green slot) to "begin at the end of the Burke call without affecting the "start" of the "Hales" call.

Thank you SO SO SO VERY MUCH!!Capture1.PNG


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2 appointments/2 jobs, 2 different start times- but depends on what your backend need is for tracking/payroll/time entry- etc. You could just add the other tech and he will be dispatched separately. 1 appointment and 1 job 

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This is not possible unless you schedule the second technician under a second appointment on the same job. So the first tech would be on the first appt and then second tech would be on the second appt; each appt having a different start time on the same day.

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