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Does anyone have an oil heating checklist already built? Trying to not reinvent the wheel... Thanks in advance! James Greens Heating & Air | Nampa, Idaho
Hey everyone! Does anyone currently utilize some sort of a dispatch score card with metrics? Got an idea of what to add that would be useful but just didnt want to reinvent the wheel anywhere... An excel/google sheet? Thanks in advance! James
So... Ive moved to a new shop and am wondering how to bring my prior years of experience to my account at my new shop... Shooting for the Torch network, but Titan sees me as a new user. Ive been on Titan since 2017. 2 months at my current (new)shop.
We have an account with multiple buildings (different addresses too) and multiple systems in each one of these buildings. A multi family apartment complex. Building A has about 25 units, building B has about 20 units, building C has about 30 units. B...