4 Tips for Dispatchers!

We are always sharing great tips and ideas for dispatchers in our Community CSR / Dispatcher group. Over the next month, we will adding additional resources and materials to help dispatchers be successful. This week I shared 4 tips within ServiceTita...

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None of our employees work 9-5 shifts. Why is this the only default option? My techs work 7-4 my office works 8-5 and we work shifts 8-4. There needs to be flexibility.

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Map 2.0 GPS Integration

We want to start using the Map more and I see some other posts with regard to filtering the information showing on the map. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any Vehicle GPS systems that can integrate with Service Titan for more real time t...

Interested in ACP (Adjustable Capacity Planning)

If you haven't joined our CSR / Dispatcher Group here in community, we'd invite you to join. A couple of weeks ago in the group, we shared an article on nine best practices on how to effectively schedule technicians. We are going to take a deep dive ...

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Estimate instability

The estimate process has some new issues. I'm seeing the estimate becoming unstable with having to exit and come back in to get stability back. If I drag an item on the estimate line location, it's about guaranteed to lock out any new activity.

Text Reminder Verbiage based on Business Unit

I think it would be great if the text reminder verbiage could be based on business unit. For example, we give time frames on maintenance appts, but don't always provide a time frame for Demand (problem) calls, especially when we get very busy. We cur...

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Resolved! Pending Jobs

We are struggling with how to handle any pending jobs. i.e. A technician has requested another appointment, the parts are on order, maybe we need to wait for some weather to clear. Since the invoices have items on them, we can't mark them as unassign...

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Dispatch Board

Why can’t the dispatcher see the entire summary if we block off a time on the dispatch board? This cuts off for the dispatcher after a certain number of words and can’t see everything we type.

Editing non job events after a technician is deactivated

Is there anyway to edit a past non job event for a tech after they are deactivated?Or even show the tech on the dispatch board when looking back historically for when they were here?i.e. something listed as unpaid that should be paid prior to payroll...

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Verifying Address and Job Details Suggestion

It would be great to be able to do more from the new pop up window on the dispatch board. We would like to see being able to verify the Address and sales tax from one window instead of having to go to service location and bill to and also it would be...

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