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Regarding Customer Notifications... It would be nice if Service Titan would provide the ability to create / add / remove Individual Notifications with rules and selections for said notification, ability to choose notification type (text or email) within each notification, and allow individual exclusion options of Business Types and/or Job Types. This would allow customization of the reminder notifications that are being sent for different calls; Service, Maintenance, Installation, Survey, Inspections, Etc. Right now, our customers receive (1) notification for all job types, which can be confusing to the customer as different jobs have different specifications (arrival windows, length of job, etc). Example: Installation Projects are 1/2 day, full day, or multiple day projects... Service / Repair Projects are 1-3 Hours. On All-Day Installation Projects, the current Customer Notifications (although customizable, need to remain verbally simple for their intended purpose), currently state "A Technician will be arriving tomorrow between 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM..." In actuality, the Installation Technician/s will be arriving at 8:00 AM for the duration of the project expecting to complete around 4:00 PM. However, the arrival window specified above via the use of the included HTML Personalized Tokens is very useful for Service / Repair / Maintenance Appointments, as these Technicians have multiple calls throughout the day and a 2-3 Hour "Arrival Window" is anticipated pending their progress on previous jobs. Thank you!


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Agreed - we would also use the ability to create additional notifications. And/or the ability to override the generic timing with more specific timing in the job. 

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Our company used the settings for customer notifications to do this successfully.  It becomes very important to use the right job type but it works for usScreenshot 2022-04-25 185702.jpg