Highlight On call tech on Dispatch Board

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Looking for a way to highlight the technician that is on call on there scheduled days on the Dispatch Board


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I use the technician shifts under the "schedule" tab but at this time, anything put on the schedule tab will not be able to be seen by the tech due to the schedule board and dispatch board not being synched together. 


Hi @kcerveri ! That is a great question! We actually have a CSR/Dispatcher Group here in Community where a very similar question was asked. Here is a link to the answer that includes a video that would be super helpful.

I would definitely recommend using Technician Shifts. It was specifically created to highlight technician availability to your dispatchers and will show this information directly on the dispatch board. Give that video a watch and let me know if you have any questions. 

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I just started the shifts on the "schedule" and the schedule shifts does not sync with the dispatch board so whatever is added as a shift on the scheduling tab has to be added again on the dispatch board - in order for the techs to see it on their end 

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Hi @kcerveri - welcome back to Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

I'm going to tap into a few friends to help you on this one - @CWilkins or @asnow - do you know of any tips or tricks for @kcerveri ?