Dispatch Performance Report

Good afternoon,I know Legacy Reports are not what we want to be using for our dispatch performance report, is there a way to create a report with the same information? I do want to know by dispatchers the amount of jobs dispatched, average distance, ...

karlamsc by New Contributor
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Resolved! Map 2.0

We have three different divisions that work under Coolray. We have electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. On the map can we please get a change so we can select only business units we are working with. It allows us to select them from the top as the busines...


Is there a way to limit the technician's ability to dispatch themself for a job unless it is scheduled for that day? We have had an issue where techs are reviewing their first call for the following day and on occasion will mistakenly dispatch themse...

mauman_r by New Contributor
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Updating pricing based on Zone

Being able to integrate the pricing into the Zones. Where location of the call could add an additional markup to the pricing given at specific locations would be extremely useful. Being able to cover distance charges straight from the updated pricing...

JB-JP by New Contributor
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Auto dispatch

How do you set up the system to dispatch the techs next call automatically once they complete a job?

BowmanJ by New Contributor
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Wrap-up message alerts

I know it would make my life a million times easier if I could get wrap-up alerts texted to me when I'm on call. Anyone else? If so, please vote!

sambott1 by Contributor
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Need feedback on improved experience for job types & tags

Hi Everyone,I’m a UX Researcher on the Dispatch team, and we’re working to improve our dispatch experience. I am working with product designers, and we’d love to get your feedback on your experience, specifically related to job types and tags.Please ...

by New Contributor
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Estimated time remaining on a job

One of the biggest problems we have keeping things running smooth, is when a job goes long, or is cut short because everything went very well, or an estimate doesn't pan out. We have to then look for calls, or let clients know we will be late. I woul...

jeff_kri by New Contributor
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Partner Portal users cannot cancel jobs

As of this morning none of our partner portal users can cancel any jobs. We own 5 markets so all of my office is on partner portal users. Admin have direct market log ins, we can cancel jobs. Ive reached out to support for help via email since my onl...

Owena by New Contributor
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