Signatures Should Have Editable Requirements

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When a tech arrives onsite, Service Titan requires a signature upon arrival AND when the technician leaves, a signature is required. Currently this requirement is not able to be edited to be one or the other which I hope ST will change in the future. Our team sees the tech arrival signature as redundant but would like to just require only one signature, the one where the tech has spoken with the customer and has completed the job. 

Has your team experienced similar thoughts or do you see a major positive in requiring the arrival signature? 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

the signature requirement is on the estimate if sold and on the invoice when done IF they signed an estimate.  If the tech put items direct to an invoice it does require 2 signatures.  One to say they agree to the work at this price (normally the estimate step) and one that says they are happy with the work at this price.


IF you are getting a total of 3 signatures there is a back end config to fix that.  Ask your ST person!