Unfortunate Change to Maps 2.0

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Maps 2.0 used to have a free draw tool for selecting groups of invoices on the screen. This made it so easy to select a group of appointments that are closely grouped together and assign technicians to them. Sometime since fall 2022 when I last mass grouped/scheduled appointments for seasonal shut downs this feature has been removed. As far as I can tell the current freehand select tool does nothing and I am not sure why this has been changed to be so functionally pointless.

Why? I am so disappointed this was taken away and I want a way to get it back.


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We are currently using the polygon tool & rectangle tools for this however it is slower and more challenging to use when dealing with many houses tightly packed together. To freehand and weave a circle around just the homes you are trying to assign, reschedule, etc. is significantly faster and easier than clicking line segments in 40+ times to select a particularly winding road in a densely populated area.

To that point, anything other than the freehand select tool working properly just isn't the same and is a hindrance to efficiency.

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Hi @michelle49 - 

I did a bit of digging and found the Select an area and assign technicians section of this article. I wonder if using the polygon option might work for you? I know it's not the freehand tool, but it should get you pretty close. Are you able to see the tool options?

Let me know if this works for you. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @michelle49

Thank you for your feedback. There is a similar issue of Select by’ tools on Map 2.0 not functioning, that our development team is aware of and is actively working to fix it. You can still draw, or make a rectangle around jobs to select them, but it never actually selects the jobs in question to confirm the selection. 

If this is the issue you're having, as a temporary workaround, you can still use the Polygon, Square, or circle tools to select jobs to assign to technicians.