Resolved! Favorite Feature

What is your favorite feature in dispatch or call booking that helps your business to be more efficient and cut travel time?Our most recent discovery has been Maps 2.0, we are currently using it to review our schedule and mapping for the next day to ...

disimpso by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Map 2.0

Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well. Can someone please explain to me how to use Map 2.0? I have it open, but I am not too sure of how to work it. Thank you!

tmatzuy by New Contributor II
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Map 2.0 features

Hello! I am working on trying to better understand the Map 2.0 functions. What does the "optimize" button do? Does it automatically make adjustments to the dispatch board or just provide suggestions of who to send to which calls next through the Map ...

Unfortunate Change to Maps 2.0

Maps 2.0 used to have a free draw tool for selecting groups of invoices on the screen. This made it so easy to select a group of appointments that are closely grouped together and assign technicians to them. Sometime since fall 2022 when I last mass ...

michelle49 by New Contributor II
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Select multiple unassigned jobs and assign to one technician

Hi all, At the time of booking, we do not assign a technician. We assign jobs the night before. Is there a way to 'bulk assign' jobs, besides clustering on Map 2.0? We currently are working off the dispatch page and manually dragging and dropping eac...

msjewell23 by New Contributor II
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