We need your help testing the Weekly View of the Dispatch Board!!!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m a product designer on Dispatch and we’re working to improve our dispatch experience. We’d love to get your feedback on an additional view for Dispatch Board (Weekly Board). A little over 3 weeks ago we sent out a link for 2 versions of the weekly board view and got tons of useful feedback, this study will focus only on one design solution based on the feedback we have received.

Within the link, you will find a series of missions to complete and questions to answer. Please take this study in a quiet place – such as an office or your home. This link will be recorded so please think out loud as much as possible!

Link to survey: https://t.maze.co/107289573



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PLEASE create a weekly view!!!  As a scheduler (I schedule sales appointments ahead of time. I don't dispatch at the last minute,) I need to see my sales staff's availability at a glance. I used to have this all set up in Outlook--Layers of tags and color-coding told me instantly where I had openings. Now, in Service Titan, I have to slog through one day at a time, scrolling up and down the screen because there is so much wasted space. No color-coding. No re-ordering the list based on geography. I seem very slow to the customer waiting on the phone as I check the schedule, piece by piece, for the next six weeks.

Please also create weekly views fort mobile ST users. Our sales consultants are classified as "technicians," but they are really salesmen. They need to be able to plan ahead and prepare for future appointments/consultations, but they use ST Mobile. They need calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly) in ST Mobile. 


How long will this survey take to do?

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This should take less than 20 minutes!