Collaborative, small group learning

EmberSessions are small groups of non-competitor ServiceTitan customers who meet over 6 sessions to better understand and implement the features in the Launch stage of TitanAdvisor. These free, one-hour sessions are run by an expert ServiceTitan facilitator. Check out how the rocket ship in the top-right of your ServiceTitan account can help boost your TitanScore and help you use more of ServiceTitan!

Join EmberSessions

What to expect from EmberSessions?

Increase your TitanAdvisor score

We’ve analyzed the features and habits that help our most successful customers grow their businesses, and we’ve built them into our product

Drive business impact

From past data analysis, we know companies that use more of ServiceTitan see their businesses improve at a faster rate than those that don’t

Build a community

Each group is strategically created to ensure no competitors are in the same group, allowing for open and detailed discussions

Who should sign up for this program?

This program is open to all ServiceTitan customers in the Launch stage of ServiceTitan TitanAdvisor who also meet the following criteria:

  • Completed onboarding and have met their Customer Success Manager
  • Able to dedicate time outside of these sessions to implement features discussed