Bill of Materials option in Estimates

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I'd like to suggest adding a field to the Estimate module specifically that allows the ability to manually enter a Bill of Materials associated with the specific estimate that could include columns for:  Vendor/Source, part number, description, Cost, etc.  This needs to be an option in the Estimate module specifically so when the customer accepts the estimate and the job is "booked" the BOM information becomes available for the technician to view in the new job that was created.  This allows the technician to be able to pre-purchase the necessary supplies prior to arriving onsite for the scheduled appointment without the need to reinvent the wheel.  A radial button could be added under "Estimate Items" for easy access and review.  The look of the file could be much like an Excel spreadsheet with rows and columns and be printable for the tech to take with him when shopping.


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

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