Changing Service Location on an Estimate

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We have an Inside Sales Team that follows up on Preventative Maintenance Inspections and provides follow up estimates to customers based on the reports. Many of these customers have multiple locations we inspect. Some of these estimates are time consuming to create. When the incorrect Service Location is selected for a customer and the estimate is created, there is no way to "Edit Estimate" and change the "Service Location". 

Adding this feature would be really helpful and time saving.


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Can this feature please be added.

The solution given does NOT work when the job is tied to that estimate number and referred to with the customer as the accepted estimate # therefore creating a new estimate with a new number does not work.  Thankyou

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Hi there, it is worth submitting an idea but the quickest option in this case is to duplicate the estimates if you have jobs booked. So you want to edit the service location on the job first and then duplicate the estimate. You can delete the estimates with the incorrect service locations. 

If you don't have booked jobs, then you would need to rebuild the estimate from the correct service location. 

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I don't like the solution, rebuild the estimate from the correct service location.  Seems like an easy fix.  Just make the customer field and the location field edit-able.    I could do it on QuickBooks 15 years ago...  why cant ST do it?