Easily Applying Digital Coupons

I am making an upgrade suggestion. It would be great if S.T. could integrate with an app that either uses QR codes, or that can scan a barcode (along those lines) and then have it automatically applied to customer invoices in the field. As with every...

Danyan by New Contributor
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Resolved! Estimates

Yall. I'm dying. When I build an estimate for sales and then sell it and move it to a job right. The price goes with. Then I make PO's to order the equipment, when I receive it it totally messes up my invoice. HELP PLEASE

JessiUsher by New Contributor II
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Estimate Acceptance Emails

When a customer accepts an estimate online they get an email thanking them for accepting the estimate and containing a copy of their signed estimate. Is there a way for me to edit the settings for this so that I also get a copy of their signed estima...

HHertziger by New Contributor II
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Adding Materials to an Estimate (office side)

When adding materials to an estimate on the office side, using the drop down menu after clicking "materials". It would be handy to be able to click multiple items before adding them to the estimate. for instance, if I search for "3pvp" it brings up a...

Upgrade Online Estimate Design

I feel like the online estimate link/portal has not been updated in a long time.We email a lot of estimates and I feel like the user experience could be better. The look and feel could definitely be upgraded.Right now you have to click "read more" to...

gcalabre by New Contributor
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Idea needs votes- please help!

I know this doesn't affect a huge population of ServiceTitan users, but it does affect those of us in California! Even if it doesn't affect you directly, I'd really appreciate your votes. I need to have the California Compliance invoice for my reside...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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California Compliance Invoice

Is anyone else using the California Compliance Invoice? How are you getting around that it says HOME IMPROVEMENT CONTRACT on the top of your commercial estimates/invoices?

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding "Material" Pictures on Estimates

We are in the Garage Door industry, and provide quotes for new Garage Doors. We have added the pictures of the new Garage Doors to the "Materials" in "PriceBook", however when we print, or email an estimate to a customer, the picture of the New Door ...

JCamp by New Contributor
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Opportunities & Estimates status update suggestion

Can the programmers please add in an status update? That is what the word status means anyway. We should be able to look at the status of an estimate and see if the job is scheduled, completed or open. This prevents the extra work hunting the account...

Estimate emails dropped - IDEA

Hey everyone! I have noticed as I do our followups that I have had some customers who aren't receiving our estimates via email. When I go back and check the audit trail it shows that the estimate emails have bounced or been dropped. I created an idea...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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