Estimate on Existing Job

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Why can we NOT put a sold estimate on an existing job???!! Makes no sense why we have to book a new job.

Example: we are at a customers house and the customer wants to accept an estimate from a previous visit. If we sell the estimate, you can not book it onto the current job. You have to create a new job. Load it on the tech & have him clock in and out.

Estimates need to be easier to use. you do NOT need a new job every time an estimate is sold. Shouldn't have to duplicate and delete estimated to make it flow correctly. 

We need the button to "add to existing job" back!!!!


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I completely agree,  My technicians may give several different repair estimates to a customer.  The customer selects one and the technician sells it but unless he says he has the materials and wants to do the work right then I have to set up a new job for the sold estimate. Or, if the customer calls back a few days later I have to go to the old job, pull up the estimate and then set up a new job.  It is ridiculous.

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We agree with this...This has been a question for us recently. We would love to be able to attach a sold estimate to an existing job. So many extra steps that are not needed. To have to make a  new job is crazy!